brimstone mad-eyed megI know this might seem off topic, but this game definitely hits the dungeon crawl category, so I decided it was alright to post about.

My RPG group accidentally disbanded a few years ago, and we all sort of forgot to get back together for a proper game again. We still get together, but it seems like the only way we go adventuring anymore is with board games. And while some board games can emulate aspects of classic fantasy dungeon crawls as far as killing monsters and stealing their stuff, most miss out on the story part of the game.

That’s where Brimstone excels for me. Its theme and character development is so much fun, you can’t help but fill in little story details as you go.

The story of Shadows of Brimstone revolve around an old west town, whose mines have been discovered to be full of this strange black, glowing crystal that is probably, most definitely magical. So of course everyone is after this stuff to sell and make their fortune. Long story short, there’s some bad mojo, and portals to other worlds start opening in these mines. You and your posse saddle up and decide to check out these portals for one reason or another and find yourself in all sorts of strange places.

Any game where I can play a cowboy shooting dinosaurs, or exploring derelict space ships, count me in.  If I can play it solo, even better.

This is how I ended up with a one-eyed ex-madam, and a near-sighted thrill-seeking rancher in a snow covered alien city, battling statues with lazers. They survived AND defeated the monster, but not before it managed to chow down and eat the captive they were sent there to rescue. Whoops.

You can check out more info on Shadows of Brimstone over HERE.brimstone elle

Know of any other board games that have a nice story telling/character building combo?