Welcome to the land of Furballs and Leather, a web comic documenting the people who call Iome home while spending their days plundering it into ruin.

Updates Friday.
There will be sexy times, violence and angry sailors in this comic, so watch out.


About the Comic
Iome was the perfect kingdom. Their great and powerful King was also kind and just. Under his rule, the land flourished and the people thrived. But recently something has shifted. A certain stirring in the air has alerted the people that something is amiss. Not only is this darkness growing, but the King’s own daughter has recently disappeared.

Unable to find and rescue his daughter, the King has allowed the darkness to consume him. He no longer cares for his Kingdom or its subjects. The heart of the kingdom is dying, and those who live beyond its boarders sense it.

In a desperate last attempt to find their beloved Princess, an old mage has called forth two would-be heroes. It is his plan that together they will succeed and bring hope back to the people.

It’s a shame he didn’t call someone else….

Furballs and Leather usually follows the story of Delphia and Click-Coo on their mission to save the Princess. Occasionally – between chapters – the story will veer off to cover other denizens of the land and how they live in these new dark times.